Grain and Marketable Commodities

If you are a producer of a marketable commodity, you can make a gift with your unsold inventory. Whether the commodity gift is corn, wheat, almonds, avocados or cattle, the ELCA Foundation is prepared to partner with you, the producer, to make the gift happen.

Upon receiving intent of this gift, the ELCA Foundation will establish an account at the appropriate elevator or processor and work to receive and sell the inventory. We'll distribute the gift according to your wishes, benefiting the ELCA ministries or congregation(s) of your choice.

A gift of grain can be used as an outright gift, to establish or grow a donor advised fund, or to establish or grow a named endowment fund with the ELCA Foundation.

Minimum gift amount: $10,000*
*Any fees associated with the sale of the commodity will be deducted from the proceeds.

With a gift of grain or marketable commodity, you can:

  • Use stored commodities or unsold inventory to make a current gift, maximizing the benefit to ministry while reducing taxable income.
  • Deduct overall production expenses, even if grain is used to make a gift.
  • Make an outright gift or add to (or establish) a donor advised fund or named endowment fund.


Contact your regional gift planner to discuss your plans for directing your generosity where you feel it will do the most good.