Donor-Directed Distribution Agreement

A donor-directed distribution agreement allows you to allocate a percentage of your bequest to support the ELCA, your congregation and/or the ministries you specify. This gift provides ultimate flexibility in how your gifts are distributed, with a maximum number of 10 beneficiaries that can be changed at any time.

Minimum gift amount: None

With a donor-directed distribution agreement, you can:

  • Modify designations and beneficiaries at any time without penalty or amendments to your estate plans
  • Keep control of your assets during your lifetime; and rest assured that you will leave support for your favorite ministries long after you’re gone
  • Give a gift that is generally not subject to state inheritance or estate taxes

A distribution agreement allows the ELCA Foundation to be your partner in distributing your end-of-life gifts and ensuring that these gifts are as you intended. The agreement contains a list of up to 10 beneficiaries, with specific percentage allocations and descriptions of the uses intended for these gifts. You can change a distribution agreement at any time without amending your estate plan or will.

Here’s how it works: A distribution agreement is established through the ELCA Foundation with the help of a regional gift planner. This process documents charitable gifts from your estate and helps guide your decisions on funding sources for each. The process is completed by listing the ELCA Foundation as the charitable recipient on any beneficiary designations, bequests and/or transfer-on-death deeds. That way, you can make any future changes to your charitable estate plans directly with the ELCA Foundation without needing to amend your will or estate plans.

Next Steps

Contact your regional gift planner to discuss your plans for directing your generosity where you feel it will do the most good.